A downloadable absolute rubbish for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You've always been fond of animals. You'd do just about anything just to make the little critters happy.
But the entity you stumbled upon that Sunday evening in the deep woods was no ordinary pet.
No matter the cost, you will keep it alive by making sure it's well fed. Not just because of your love for animals, but also out of fear. What could happen if it's not... satisfied?

DangerPet was made within 48 hours for the 46th Ludum Dare Game jam.

For more context, you're free to visit the game's LD page.

Install instructions

This is a Java game. You need Java 8 or higher to run it.

Extract the files before running, otherwise the jar might be treated as an archive instead of an executable, and/or there might be resource loading issues.

If the game doesn't react to you pressing [ENTER], try the second(no audio) build.


Fixed Jam Build (rate this one) 348 kB
Fixed Jam Build (no audio) 1 MB
(Broken) Jam build (Third ending inaccessible) 348 kB


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The font was god awfull. But it was super fun, I enjoyed the humor with the different endings, the looks (not including your font) was great, I loved the rotating of the player, the simle background and multiple maps, and killing people was oh so satisfying, I enjoyed feeding my pet Gleeming.