A downloadable pile of rubbish for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The description is on the Ludum Dare page, I'm not going to bother re-formatting it.

If you need context/pointers on how to play, head over here!


The options menu UI is a bit wonky, so if you're having trouble with using the sliders, try clicking instead of dragging.

Also, if there are issues with changing the window scale, you can always change it manually by going into res/config.txt and changing it from display 540 540  to your desired resolution, e.g. display 720 720. The game's intended to be played in a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Alternatively, you can change the resizable option in config.txt from off to on, though that might lead to unpredictable behaviour.

Hope this helps!

Install instructions

First off, you need Java istalled to run this.  You probably already do, so don't worry about it.

1. Download the .zip file.

2. Extract it. Running the game from inside the archive won't work, because the .jar file will get treated as an archive instead of an executable.

3. Run ld45.jar.


Fixed Build (Still within the rules, I think) 4 MB
Original build (Non-bugfixed) 1 MB

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